Lzrbeams was born out of the desire to create stand-out, useful displays and packaging with an eco-focus mindset. The designs were inspired from my own needs as a small business owner setting up a jewelry and home goods pop-up shop. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to showcase products, be portable and reliable. Most pieces are laser engraved which takes much longer than printing, but the results are elegant and memorable. 

Lzrbeams aims for plastic free in what we make and how we ship. You will notice there are no acrylic displays, as we do as much as we can to not work with and create more plastic waste in the world. We love to experiment with recyclable or low impact materials such as chipboard, cork, glassine (a paper material that is fully recyclable and biodegradable). Our kraft earring and necklace cards are so eco friendly, they could be thrown in a backyard compost pile- there are no petroleum inks in our process, just engraving on recycled board.

We will continue to seek out beautiful ways to display products in earth friendly ways. 


About the owner, Sarah

I have been laser-cutting for 10 years now, and what began in my local community lab at AS220, in Providence RI, has now turned into something bigger than I ever imagined!

I started laser-cutting jewelry to sell in my retail shop Artefacts Collection, along with all of the packaging and displays to go with it. After all of the attention the packaging and displays received, I decided to make a shop on Etsy to see if anyone was interested- and yes, people were definitely interested! I left my full-time graphic design job, and a year later, thanks to the Etsy community's support for LZRbeams, I bought my own laser-cutter- Trotec Rayjet 300 80W!

I now have a studio space in Warwick, RI a second laser (xTool P2) and help with order production from Zak who has been with Lzrbeams for many years now. The possibilities are endless for lasercutting, and I am so grateful to meet and work with other talented creatives. I'm so appreciative of everyone who chooses LZRbeams for their display and design needs.

Outside of designing and lasercutting, I have a passion for herbalism and foraging. I love being by the ocean (grateful for summer days in Rhode Island) canoeing, picnics in the park, and cooking delicious meals.

click here to browse some of my personal favorite lzrbeams creations!