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Lariat/Y-Necklace Custom Branded Cards

Lariat/Y-Necklace Custom Branded Cards

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Get custom packaging made with your logo that is designed to display Y-necklaces and lariat styles beautifully. Card measures 2.25" x 6.8" but if you need specific measurements, let me know.

*NO inks are used in this process! Everything in my shop is lasercut/engraved. How you see the cards in the pictures is how the materials will engrave. There are no metallic foils or colored inks.

There are three different color options:
1) Recycled kraft chipboard
2) Recycled grey chipboard (can have small colored recycled flecks in it)
> These two are made with 100% recycled chip board, ultra thick and sturdy for a premium feel. Material is about as thick as penny.
3) Black board (black on front, white on back) Also rigid sturdy cards, but not quite as thick as the chipboard

Higher quantity = lower price per card.


No returns accepted on cards or anything that has been custom engraved in the shop.

The ordering process:

1. Send me:
- shape/dimensions if you have specific preferences
- the number of holes on the card, this includes if you need a hole for the card to hang on a peg.
- your logo: please send .eps or .ai files, if you don't have either then a high-res black and white version should work.

2. I will then make a digital mock-up and send it to you for review/changes before going into production. You will be able to print this mock-up at 100% and put your jewelry on it to make sure everything fits great.

Price could increase if you request a large card or complex large design to be etched (takes more time on the laser-cutter to make).

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